Printer Cartridge Recycling

Ink-jet and toner cartridge recycling collection boxes are located around campus for students, staff and faculty to use to dispose of their empty printer cartridges. These items are then picked up and sent for recycling. Acceptable items are ink-jet cartridges, toner cartridges, toner bottles, laptops, digital cameras, iPods, MP3 players, and cell phones. Do NOT include alkaline batteries, fax/print ribbons, film or 35 mm cameras.  Alkaline and other household batteries may be placed in the labelled bucket that is located beside most collection boxes.  Collection box locations are listed below.



William G. Davis Building Outside DV 2037
  Outside Career Centre - DV 3094
  4th floor research wing by elevators
  Outside DV A3032
  Geography mailroom (need entry)
CCIT Room 4073
  3rd floor beside elevators
Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre Info desk
Kaneff Centre Either side of main floor
Student Centre Outside green room
North Building Beside room 157
Instructional Centre Atrium
Health Sciences Complex (batteries only) Forensics lounge
Deerfield Hall 4th floor beside elevators