Organic Waste

In February 2014, Food Services installed the EnviroPure food waste disposal system in the TFC kitchen.  The system is used for disposal of back-of-house food waste.  The digester breaks down food waste and completely eliminates it.  Food waste is fed into the system, a special biomix is added, and the end result is grey water which can safely be disposed of in the sewer.  This is the first installation of this system at a university in Canada!

The system has many benefits:

  • Diverts food waste from landfill
  • Aerobic decomposition process means no methane (a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide) is produced
  • Food waste is disposed of on-site, reducing transportation emissions
  • Eliminates fees for hauling of waste

If the system proves to be effective, others may be installed on campus in the future.