Green Courses

The logo of the green courses programThe Green Courses program is a tri-campus initiative that seeks to recognize courses that reduce their impact on the environment, focusing on paper reduction.

If you're the instructor, TA, or course administrator, you can apply to have your course certified Green!

To get your course certified:

  • Download and fill out the Green Courses self-assessment
  • If you recieve the "Certified" result, you can be recognized as a Green Course
  • Save the spreadsheet and e-mail it to
  • You'll recieve the "Green Course Certified" logo for your website, and a Powerpoint slide to show in class.
  • Please note that a course certification is good for a period of 1 year.
  • If your course has been certified in the past AND your course's paper consumption has not changed, you can fill out this simplified re-certification tool instead of the full assessment.

The following courses are Green Certified for 2014-2015:

CCT210 - Instructor:  Lisa Peden
CCT213 - Instructor: Lisa Peden
HIS308 - Instructor: Sandy Carpenter
BIO207 - Instructor: Fiona Rawle
BIO476 - Instructor: Fiona Rawle
GGR348 - Instructor: Harvey Shear
GGR288 - Instructor: Harvey Shear
GGR479 - Instructor: Laura Brown
ENV100 - Instructor: Barbara Murck
ENV310 - Instructor: Barbara Murck
ENV345 - Instructor: Barbara Murck
GGR417 - Instructor: Barbara Murck
JGE378 - Instructor: Barbara Murck
GGR276 - Instructor: Yuhong He
GGR335 - Instructor: Yuhong He
GGR337 - Instructor: Yuhong He
POL/ENV250 - Instructor: Andrea Olive
HIS310 - Instructor: Sandy Carpenter
GGR111 - Instructor: Joseph Leydon
GGR252 - Instructor: Joseph Leydon
GGR318 - Instructor: Joseph Leydon
GGR418 - Instructor: Joseph Leydon
JEG401 - Instructor: Joseph Leydon
CLA101 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
CLA204 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
CLA231 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
CLA237 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
GGR208 - Instructor: Nicole Laliberte
GGR313 - Instructor: Nicole Laliberte
GGR489 - Instructor: Nicole Laliberte
UTM111 - Instructor: Monika Havelka
ENV332 - Instructor: Monika Havelka
ENV495 - Instructor: Monika Havelka
ENV496 - Instructor: Monika Havelka


The following courses are Green Certified for 2013-2014:

BIO152H5 - Instructor:  Fiona Rawle
CLA101 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
CLA204 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
CLA367 - Instructor: Lisa Trentin
SOC284 - Instructor: Shyon Baumann
RLG101H5F - Instructor: Ken Derry
RLG101H5S - Instructor: Ken Derry
RLG312 - Instructor: Ken Derry
PHL277Y - Instructor: Philip Clark
ENV201 - Instructor: Tenley Conway
GGR419 - Instructor: Tenley Conway
HIS310 - Instructor: Sandy Carpenter