FLC Databases and Software

The FLC offers access to resources that meet a broad range of business information needs.

We are the only source for professional, real-time market data for finance and other business-related research on the UTM campus, in addition to specialized software.  These databases and software cannot be accessed outside the lab, with the exception of FactSet.

All resources can be accessed on FLC's workstations unless otherwise noted.

FLC-Only Resources:

  • Bloomberg (3 terminals for student use + 1 terminal for teaching)

Bloomberg provides global financial and business information on market sectors such as equities, indices, derivatives, commodities and futures, currencies, industries and more.  It offers detailed, comprehensive coverage of 45,000+ public companies and includes fundamental data on 15,000 global indices.  It also offers tools for screening, modelling, and portfolio management, as well as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analytics.  Bloomberg also offers an Excel plug-in to support data downloads and financial analysis .

Bloomberg also offers a certification program called Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC).  Certification is free for all UTM students but must be completed on a Bloomberg terminal.  BMC takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

For more information about getting started on Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, check out our Quick Start Guide here.  We've also curated a short list of instructional videos for Bloomberg here.

  • FactSet

FactSet offers comprehensive data and analytics on global financial and economic markets and companies. It includes financial data on 70,000+ public and private companies worldwide, with historical coverage for developed markets from 1980s and for emerging markets from 1990s. It also offers close to 2,000 historical financial metrics data items for 70+ countries, and historical financial data on 5,000 global indices, as well as fixed income, commodities, alternative investments markets and more.

Within the FLC, you can access an Excel plug-in that faciltiates use and analysis of data downloaded from FactSet. However, FactSet also offers off-campus access to its database through a free, individual FactSet Connect account. Please note that individual FactSet Connect accounts do not include the Excel plug-in. 

To request your own FactSet Connect account, please email the FLC and provide the following information:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your UofT email address (e.g. some.student@mail.utoronto.ca)
  • Your program of study (e.g. Commerce, MBiotech)
  • Your expected date of graduation (e.g. June 2019)

Your request will be processed within five business days. You will receive two emails from FactSet:

  • one email will provide you with your FactSet Connect user ID and temporary password
  • the other will provide instructions for setting up your account and downloading the required Citrix software

For more information about FactSet, you can view our Quick Start Guide here.

  • Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics is a database of ratings and analysis of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.  The FLC subscription provides coverage of approximately 2500 large-cap companies listed on the MSCI's Developed and Emerging Markets indices.

Use Sustainlytics to research specific companies or to screen and rank companies based on their ESG performance.  

  • Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT)

RIT is order-driven market simulation software, typically used in conjunction with a course.  A variety of cases can be deployed that allow students to under the risks and opportunities associated with financial securities and trading strategies.  For more information, see: http://www.rit.rotman.utoronto.ca.

  • QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant is Canada's leading small-business accounting software. It includes modules for bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll.  QuickBooks now allows students to create their own free personal account, which can be used for off-campus access.  To request your account, register here: http://education.intuit.ca/education-program/students.jsp.

  • Intuit ProFile

Intuit ProFile is professional tax preparation software. It supports personal, corporate and trust tax filing and includes federal tax forms.  ProFile now allows students to create their own free personal account, which can be used for off-campus access.  To request your account, register here: http://education.intuit.ca/education-program/students.jsp.

  • Sage 50 (formerly Simply Accounting)

Sage 50 is small business accounting software with integrated accounting, payroll and credit card processing.

  • MeXL (Marketing Engineering for Excel)

MeXL is a plug-in for Excel that is used for marketing decision-making.  It provides tools for forecasting or modelling segmentation, targeting & positioning, product sales forecasting, salesforce and channel planning, and to support other marketing and advertising decisions.


STATA and SPSS are both programs used widely for statistical anaylsis across all disciplines.

  • @RISK

@RISK is an Excel plug-in for risk analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation.