Organizers and Contacts

Natalie Ianniello - 3rd Year Finance Specialist, Finance Director at The Undergraduate Commerce Society

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UCS is the largest academic society at UTM serving over 1300 commerce students and hosting events regularly. Their goal is to enrich student's professional careers through skill building, networking and experiential events.


Raymond Tang Jr. - Finance Director at Student Management Association

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The SMA team provides students in the Management program an opportunity to develop and build on their professional skills. They offer numerous events available to students throughout the year.


Kim Pham - Vice President of Finance for the UTM Undergraduate Economics Council

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UEC aims to advance the ideas, needs and desires of students pursuing studies in Economics, Finance and Business-related fields.


Omar Mansour - 4th Year Finance Specialist, FLC IMI Finance Competition Coordinator

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The IMI Finance Coordinator helps plan and execute the annual finance competition whilst working in collaboration with club executives, staff and student group partners.


The 2016-17 IMI Finance Competition is also supported by an Academic Director, Professor Otto Young. The Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre is also a proud partner of this year's competition.