Talk About Money with The Globe and Mail's Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 12:54pm
Eva Mitre
Student shown listening to Rob Carrick give a speech about personal financial literacy.

On October 1st, the Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre had the pleasure of hosting The Globe & Mail's Personal Finance Columnist Rob Carrick and Personal Finance Web Editor Roma Luciw for an engaging one-hour talk about personal finance and economic issues relevant to students. 

As The Globe's personal finance experts, Rob and Roma shared tips and strategies with students looking to manage their finances. The talk was hosted as an interactive session, where students had the chance to not only learn about financial literacy, but also ask questions about topics they were curious about.

Rob Carrick (right) and Roma Luciw (left) answering questions from students about rising tuition prices.

The sold-out event touched on a wide range of issues ranging from the debate over the usefulness of credit cards to Canada's current economic condition, housing prices and even the steep increase in tuition prices. "The thing I found most useful about this session on personal finance is the reminder that finances 

aren't a one-time deal. I can't just figure them out in September and never look at them again. I need to be constantly reassessing my position and outflow - and evaluating what I need and how to get there. This session inspired me to review my finances and make sure I put into place a plan to meet my future goals," said one of the attendees, Andrea Koop.

If you're looking for guidance on issues affecting your personal financial situation, visit The Globe and Mail's online guide for students and young adults here

And for more advice on how to better manage your finances, follow Rob and Roma on Twitter at @rcarrick and @romaluciw respectively.

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