Investing & Entrepreneurship with Fredrick Zhou

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 10:25am
Eva Mitre

Students raising their hands to participate in Fredrick Zhou's, CEO of Nvest, interactive presentation. Photo courtesy of Ryan Cerrudo.The Finance Learning Centre had the great pleasure of hosting Fredrick Zhou, the CEO of Nvest, to talk about investing, entrepreneurship and how to make the most of one’s finances.

From bold advice such “Live by the penny, invest like a madman!” to practical solutions such as having 30+ stocks in your portfolio and knowing beforehand how long you will be investing for, Mr. Zhou had plenty of recommendations to relay to students. He also discussed how he was able to get the most out of his schooling (he’s a UofT grad!) to reach his current career. “Make sure to personally meet one professor every year”, he recommends.

Apart from investment guidance, Mr. Zhou also shared with students his passion for entrepreneurship and all the benefits that come with it such as flexibility and being your own boss. He urged the students to find their own entrepreneurial ideas. “Every time you swear-that’s frustration. That’s a process that could be improved and that’s an idea for a start-up”.

The participants also had a chance to see a demonstration of Nvest.  Nvest is a free crowdsourced stock recommendation platform which aims to provide reputable, unbiased stock advice to users looking to trade and invest. They are also Gold Sponsor of this year’s IMI Finance competition which you can learn more about here.