How to Use Bloomberg Like a Professional with Jeff Collins

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 3:01pm
Eva Mitre

Have you ever wondered how a real professional uses Bloomberg? On November 4th, students had the opportunity to hear from Jeff Collins, a Senior Portfolio Manager at RBC, about his experiences using the platform.

Participants learned about Bloomberg and gained insight into Jeff’s profession and his work-day routines. Jeff highlighted how his use of the platform plays a big role in making important investment decisions by showing them different functions and how they’re connected to his work as a fixed income trader.

Jeff Collins showing how he uses Bloomberg in his job as a Fixed Income Trader. Photo courtesy of Wilson Chen.

He also urged students to explore the platform every chance they get. “Don’t be scared, you can’t break it. Just try out different functions to expand your horizons”, emphasized Jeff.  This message really seemed to resonate with students. Jessy, one of the session participants, stated that “it was very interesting to see how Bloomberg is applicable to a person's everyday job. Jeff's been using it for 20 years and there's still so much to learn. You'll never stop learning and there's always more you can do.”

Bloomberg offers two free certifications - Bloomberg Essentials and Bloomberg Market Concepts – that are available on the three Bloomberg terminals found in the FLC.  For more information about these programs, pick up a copy of the FLC ‘Quick Start Guide: Bloomberg Certifications, or e-mail Lab Manager.