Presentation Events

As you begin to prepare for your Presentation Events, the EEU has produced a document titled Best Practices and Guidelines: Presentation Events.

The document is intended as a tool to guide you through the process and preparations of planning a presentation event, and to aid as a refresher/guide for those both familiar and new to the process.

This document is not meant to alter your methods of executing your established events, so do not feel as though you are now required to change your plans. But do note that the EEO will no longer be booking rooms/spaces for your events as has been done in previous years.

All the best in your preparations and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful presentations!

EXP Designation

To help you create more experiential learning opportunities in your curriculum, the EEU has produced a document titled Guidelines: Experiential Education Notation in UTM Academic Calendar.

The document is intended as a tool to help you identify what constitutes the EXP designation for a course.

Tips for Students on Finding and Securing Their Own Placement

This document is intended to assist UTM Undergraduate Students in the planning and preparation for finding and securing their own placement as part of an academic course.

Download the PDF: UTM Undergraduate Students: Tips on Finding & Securing Your Own Placement

A Practical Guide for Work-integrated Learning: Effective Practices to Enhance the Educational Quality of Structured Work Experiences Offered through Colleges and Universities


Work-integrated learning (WIL) is becoming increasingly popular in higher education; almost half of Ontario's postsecondary education students will take part in some form of co-op, placement or internship by the time they graduate. A new guide from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) and Education at Work Ontario (EWO) is a resource for faculty, staff, academic leaders and educational developers to improve the quality of WIL programs. Effective, work-integrated learning opportunities enhance student learning and develop work-ready skills outside of the classroom.

A Practical Guide for Work-integrated Learning: Effective Practices to Enhance the Educational Quality of Structured Work Experiences Offered through Colleges and Universities focuses on structured work-integrated learning experiences such as internships, placements, co-ops, field experiences, professional practice and clinical practicums. The comprehensive guide is divided into seven chapters with an introduction to experiential learning theory, followed by background information and suggestions on improving the quality of WIL programs, program evaluation and recommendations for broader curricular integration developing meaningful partnerships with industry, government and community organizations.


Experiential Learning Activities: Team-Based | Problem-Solving

If you are looking to include team-based problem-solving activities into your course, when interviewing students or as part of a workshop/seminar, the EEU has created a quick guide to assist you.  The activities included in this guide are only a small few and can be used to help insipre you to create your very own.  Activities were designed to include any year of study and can be modified as you see fit.

Download the PDF: Experiential Learning Activities: Team-Based | Problem-Solving