Lecture Me! a series

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Lecture Me! a series

Are you interested in giving back to the community?  Would you like to share your research with others? 

If so, the EEO in partnership with the City of Mississauga Central Library has created a monthly lecture series titled: Lecture Me!

This multidisciplinary series will feature each month a different faculty member who will deliver a presentation to the community about their research.  


  • The events will be hosted at the Mississauga Central Library located at 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.
  • Most lectures will take place in the Noel Ryan Auditorium - max. capacity 244 people
  • Lecture Me! will be held on the first Tuesday of each month (where possible)
  • Lecture Me! will take place in the evenings between 7:00pm-8:30pm
  • Set up time is between 6:30-6:45pm
  • If you require equipment aside from a laptop and projector please let the EEO know
  • Underground parking is free after 6:00pm
  • Audience seating is free and general admission
  • There are no reservations required, but guests can sign-up if they wish
  • One speaker per month
  • Will need a minimum two month lead time to promote and book the space
  • Lecture length can be 1-2 hours, and up to the speaker
  • Presentation will be given to the general public in all age ranges

To Do:

  • If interested in participating in Lecture Me! review the schedule of speakers below and indicate your availability to the EEO
  • Provide more than one month's availability in the event that your first or second selection has been allocated
  • When participating, submit the following to the EEO a minimum two months prior to your talk:
    • Talk title
    • 25 word (max) talk description
    • Brief biography
    • Social Media handles (if any)


UTM Experiential Education Office (EEO)
Davis - 3208A & D

Melissa Berger, Community Outreach Coordinator & Manager
Sue Romulo, Experiential Learning Officer

Lecture Me! Schedule Fall 2017

Date Faculty Name Talk Title Talk Description


Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017 Professor Scott Prosser The Magic of Molecules: A Story of an Enzyme which Devours Pesticides This talk will explore the strange world of protein catalysts called enzymes.  Proteins do everything in our cells from structure to transporter, receptor, or super catalyst. How do they do it? Chemical and Physical Sciences
Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017 Professor Chris Petrakos The Joke's on Them: Laughter and Social Boundaries in Klondike Miner's Tales, 1886-1896 This talk will explain the role of laughter in developing and contesting relationships during the 1890s' Klondike gold rush by studying miners' tales taken from this fabled time in the North. Historical Studies
Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017 Professor Robert Reisz  Dinosaur Teeth and What They Can Tell Us About Their Life and Times  Dinosaurs evolved many different systems for acquiring and processing their food, ranging from serrated daggers to grinding batteries.  Surprisingly, most dinosaurs were plant eaters, and it is in the herbivores that we see some of the most spectacular evolutionary innovations. Biology
Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017 Professor Sean

Financial corporations now dominate our food system & strategies for resistance

This lecture will examine how financial corporations have become major players in the global food system, through a mixture of corporate financial services, lending, and commodity market speculation; and outlining multi-scale strategies for community resistance and for greater consumer food sovereignty. Geography

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