SOC480Y Sociology and Criminology, Law and Society Internship Course

Course Overview:

A stack of books, a gavel, a scale and an ornate pillar.SOC480Y5Y is a work placement/internship course in Sociology and Criminology, Law and Society. The goals of this course are to expose UTM students to work situations in which expertise in these areas are required to provide practical opportunities to apply academic skills and learning; to integrate students into the local community; to provide an opportunity to make career contacts; and to develop skills that will help students succeed in the workplace. Through a part-time, unpaid individual or team work placement, students apply sociological knowledge gained primarily through previous course work. Placements may be made at municipal social service departments or non-profit agencies providing social services, social movement or community-based organizations working for social change, courts or parole offices, for-profit workplaces, police or other organizations.

Placements will typically be tied to a specific project and students will be involved in developing the project’s terms of engagement and deliverables. Students will normally write a research report at the end of the course. The final report will demonstrate how the students’ sociological knowledge relates to a real life setting, how students apply their research training to specific placement topics, and how their engagement with experiential learning shaped their academic knowledge.

Requirements:   CGPA: 2.5          

Prerequisite: Fourth year standing (completed 14.0 credits), Graduating in June or November 2017

Please note: Specialists in Sociology and Criminology, Law and Society will be given priority.

Application Process:

Complete the following steps and submit a hard copy of your application at the Department of Sociology.

  1. Application form

  2. Statement (250 words maximum)

    • why you are interested in the internship? 
    • What you hope to gain from the experience?
    • What is your next step towards attaining your career goals after graduating next Spring?
    • What particular skills and talents would you bring to a placement?
    • What skills or personal attributes do you hope will be developed during your internship?
  3. Resume

  4. ROSI marks printout (unofficial)

    • If you have transfer credits, provide a printout of the marks from the school from which you transferred. Please don’t spend your money on official transcripts!

For more information, please contact:

Professor Nathan Innocente

Joanna Mackie
Program Officer