Course Information

First Year Preparation and ECO 100Y Grade

In First Year, students should enrol in ECO100Y and MAT133Y/134Y/135Y/137Y because enrolment in almost all ECO courses and programs is based on grades in ECO100Y (and math in most cases).

For instance, enrolment in the Economics Specialist program (ERSPE1478) requires a grade of 70% in ECO100Y and 80% in MAT133Y (or 63% in MAT 134Y/135Y or 60% in MAT137Y); 60% in ECO206Y5, ECO208Y5 and ECO227Y5.  

Enrolment in the Economics Major program requires a grade of 67% in ECO100Y and CGPA of 2.0, or a grade of 63% in ECO100Y and a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and 63% in MAT133Y or ECO134Y/135Y/137Y. 

Please refer to the program section for more information about requirements for specific programs, and changes to program enrolment procedures. Program enrolment takes place after the completion of at least 4.0 credits, and on completion of the listed prerequisites.

Students pursuing an Economics Major program require: ECO200Y, ECO202Y, and ECO220Y. Admission to any of these courses requires that you meet one of the following criteria:

1. Achieve 67% in ECO100Y; MAT133Y5(63%)/MAT134Y5/135Y5/137Y5


2. Achieve 63% in ECO100Y AND have a cumulative GPA of 2.5; MAT133Y5(63%)/MAT134Y5/135Y5/137Y5. 

Please note the new St. George Economic exclusion to ECO100Y5: 

Exclusion: ECO100Y1/(101H1 (63%) and 102H1 (63%))


Enrolment Controls

A number of Economics courses will have enrolment controls during the first round of registration (date as posted in August). The enrolment indicator will be "P", where priority is given to students within certain specified subject POSts. After that date (second round of registration) all enrolment controls will be lifted and any student (irrespective of their subject POSt) will be eligible to enrol in any Economics course provided there is space available, and meet the proper prerequisites.


Prerequisites are strictly enforced and must be met before registering in Economics courses. These pre-requisites are checked carefully by the Department and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the proper pre-requisites have been met. Students may check with the Economics Academic Counsellor if they are unsure whether prerequisites are met. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Economics Counsellor receives all required documentation.

Transfer Credits

Students wishing to use courses from other institutions for pre-requisite purposes and admitted to the University with transfer credits must show the Economics Counsellor an official transcript (from the previous academic institution) and the transfer credit assessment (from the Faculty of Arts and Science). This must be done before registering for courses. Students will be removed from registered courses unless they provide documentation of pre-requisite courses completed from another academic institution. Students who do not have the relevant pre-requisites will be de-registered from those courses after classes have begun. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Economics Counsellor receives all required documentation.