Buff 2017

Buff 2017: A Competitive Bookwork for A&AH Students

Buff Image 2017Image credit: Subin Ee, YES!, mixed media on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Buff is now in its 13th year!
This year a deadline for student submissions to Buff was set for early December 2016. Several Design 4 students designed posters to solicit submissions to Buff. Robert Fones photographed the submitted artwork and Toni Hafkenscheid processed the images. The students in Design 4 made their image selections and laid out and typeset the entire publication — all with design guidance from Megan Oldfield. The Design of BUFF is a class project that is worked on collaboratively to simulate the experience of working in a design studio.
On 7 February 2017, the Design 4 class participated in a workshop at Massey College where they had the opportunity to print a poster using wood type on one of the old cast iron presses. The class also visited Annan & Sons where Buff is printed and were given a tour of the plant prior to proofing the press sheets for Buff 2016/17.

The Buff project gives students an opportunity to learn about the book production process, to manage their time in adhering to a production schedule, to apply the skills they have learned in all four years of the Design studio to an actual project.

Buff is a 96-page, full colour, publication of student work. It also includes 18 pages of work by the Advanced Project students with an introduction by John Armstrong and Alison Syme. Buff was launched on 28 March 2017 at the Annie Smith Arts Centre.

Buff 2017 in pdf format
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