Recent Publications

Below are some recently featured publications in the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences:


Libin Ye, Ned Van Eps, Marco Zimmer, Oliver P. Ernst & Scott Prosser “Activation of the A2A adenosine G-protein-coupled receptor by conformational selection” Read More

Henry Halls, “Paleomagnetic evidence for ~4000 km of crustal shortening across the 1 Ga Grenville orogen of North America” Read More

Mark Higgins, Lindsay M. Schoenbohm, Gilles Brocard, Nuretdin Kaymakci, John C. Gosse, and Michael A. Cosca, “New kinematic and geochronologic evidence for the Quaternary evolution of the Central Anatolian fault zone (CAFZ)” 

A. Mazouchi and J.N. Milstein, Fast Optimized Cluster Algorithm for Localizations (FOCAL): A Spatial Cluster Analysis for Super-Resolved Microscopy. Read More..

H. Wang and J. N. Milstein,"Simulation assisted analysis of the intrinsic stiffness for short DNA molecules imaged with scanning atomic force microscopy, PLoS ONE 10(11), e0142277 (2015)..Read more..

Manglik, A., Kim, T. H., Masureel, M., Altenbach, C., Yang, Z., Hilger, D., Kobilka, T. S., Thian, F. S., Hubbell*, W. L., Prosser, R. S.*, and Kobilka, B. K.* 2015 Structural insights into the dynamic process of β2-adrenergic receptor signaling. Cell 161, 1101-1111.* (Co-corresponding authors) Read more..

Ye, L., Larda, S. T., Feng, Y. Q., Manglik, A., and Prosser, R. S. 2015 A Comparison of Chemical Shift Sensitivity of Trifluoromethyl Tags – Optimizing Resolution in 19F NMR Studies of Proteins. J. Biomol. NMR 62, 97-103. Read more.. 

Prosser, R. S. and Kim, T. H. 2015 Nuts and Bolts of CF3 and CH3 NMR. Towards an Understanding of Conformational Exchange of GPCRs. Published in G-Protein-Coupled Receptors in Drug Discovery, in the lab protocol series Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer Read more.. 

R. Pollari and J. N. Milstein, "Improved axial trapping with holographic optical tweezers", Opt. Express 23, 28857-28867 (2015)..Read more..

Ernest Prack, Christopher A. O’Keefe, Jeremy K. Moore, Angel Lai, Alan J. Lough,
Peter M. Macdonald, Mark S. Conradi, Robert W. Schurko, Ulrich Fekl. 'A Molecular Rotor Possessing an H-M-H "Spoke" on a P-M-P "Axle":  A Platinum(II) trans-Dihydride Spins Rapidly Even at 75 K' J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, in press.  Read more..

Fioralba Taullaj, David Armstrong, Alan J. Lough, Ulrich Fekl 'Iridium Complexes Containing N- Donor-functionalized η1-Fluorenyl Ligands' Polyhedron 2015, in press. Read more..

Marzieh Daryanavard, David Armstrong, Alan J. Lough, Ulrich Fekl. 'Extremely Facile Transformations of Tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)borate: a Bidentate Nitrogen Ligand and a C2-Chiral Cation'. Read more ...

Axial Optical Traps: A New Direction for Optical Tweezers. Samuel Yehoshua, Russell Pollari, Joshua N. Milstein. Read more...

Marc Laflamme and Paul Piunno, “Education and Outreach: Innovation in Palaeontological Research Driven by Students and Non-Specialists”, Palaeontology Online, 2015, Volume 5, Article 5, 1 - 7. Read more...

Jan Fietzkea, Federica Ragazzola Jochen Halfar, Heiner Dietzea, Laura C. Foster, Thor Henrik Hansteena, Anton Eisenhauera, and Robert S. Stenecke. Century-scale trends and seasonality in pH and temperature for shallow zones of the Bering Sea. Read more...