Professor Prosser and Postdoctoral Scientist Libin Ye Published in the Journal Nature

Professor Prosser and Libin Ye in the Lab
Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 9:25am

Congratulations to Professor Scott Prosser, and postdoctoral scientist Libin Ye for their recent work on the “Activation of the A2A adenosine G-protein-coupled receptor by conformational selection,” which appears in the May 12th issue of the science journal, Nature. The work extends their concept of GPCRs as switches and visualizes them instead via a dynamic landscape of intermediate states. 30-40% of current pharmaceuticals target these membrane receptors, which essentially serve as gate-keepers for cell signaling. “With these latest findings, we can begin to design the next generation of GPCR drugs whose precise pharmacological effects act against specific intermediates,” says Prosser.