Marc Laflamme “Dishes the Dirt” at 5th Annual Lab Liaisons

Marc Laflamme at Lab Liaisons Talk
Monday, July 11, 2016 - 11:15am

This year’s theme at the Lab Liaison’s event, put on by the Research Office, was Earth Sciences and Ecology for a “Dishing the Dirt” session. Invited speakers were Marc Laflamme from Chemical and Physical Sciences, Professors Ingo Ensminger from Biology and Yuhong He from Geography.

Marc had the biggest reaction on his “making fossils” process. His studies on the Ediacara biota and lab experiments fossilizing maggots as a model for ancient soft-bodied fossils was fascinating. Explaining the link between the experiments and losing lunch date invitations got the audience laughing and engaged.Having grabbed their full attention, he explained the link between experiments and field work, the process of making fossils and substantial improvements to the lab for future experiments.

The lecture by  all speakers is highlighted in SURGE, a newsletter put out by UTM, Research Office.