CPS AIRLab Students win at AESRC and SOUSCC conferences

AIRLab Students win at AESRC and SOUSCC conferences
Wednesday, April 6, 2016 - 11:34am

UTM Chemical and Physical Sciences, AIRLab students grab a winning spot at the 44th Southern Ontario Undergraduate Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC 2016), Saturday April 2, 2016 held at Trent University. 

AIRlab's Jonathan Hersh, David Patch and Amanda Facciol (supervised by Professors: Laflamme, Krull and Piunno) won Honorable mention for their oral presentation project in the Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry session. The project entitled: “AN EXPERIMENTAL VESSEL FOR ON-LINE AND DISCRETE INVESTIGATIONS OF SOFT TISSUE DECAY AND PROGRESSION OF FOSSILIZATION" was praised by judges as "taking on a real science project", as opposed to a very tightly focused project on one specific aspect of chemistry research.

Amanda Facciol attended and presented the team's work at the Advances in Earth Sciences Research Conference (AESRC 2016) the same weekend at Carleton University. Amanda won First Prize: Best Poster Presentation. 

This team of AIRlab students has done some amazing research and will be presenting their work at the BIO Symposium.