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Work Study Program

  • Provides eligible University of Toronto students with an opportunity to work on campus and gain valuable experience

Fall-Winter Program | Summer Program
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The University of Toronto’s Work-Study Program provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus. In addition, on-campus employers benefit from central funding, which offsets a significant portion of the salary expenses (i.e. 80% within the parameters of the program). Students are no longer required to be OSAP eligible to participate in the Work Study program, so a much larger pool of potential student hires are now able.

Employer Eligibility and Responsibilities

A Work Study employer must be a University of Toronto  faculty or staff member who is present on campus for the position's duration. Eligible employers may submit multiple Work Study proposals and more than two vacancies per job proposal are permitted.

Please refer to the FAQ for more information.

*PhD candidates and casual staff members are not permitted to hire Work Study

Work Study employers must:

  • Provide appropriate training and supervision to hired students;

  • Ensure students understand their duties, hours of work and job performance expectations;

  • Ensure that students do not work more than 12 hours per week; Maximum total hours 90.

  • Introduce the Business/Payroll Officer and the alternate contact to the students; and,

  • Ensure students are paid promptly every two weeks.


Summer Work Study Program

Job Submission Period (when to submit Work-Study proposals through CLN): Monday March 2 – Friday March 27, 2015

Student Job Visibility (students can view and apply to jobs): Monday April 20 – Friday May 22, 2015 note that ALL postings will automatically expire from CLN on Friday May 22, 2015

Hiring period (when to interview and make hiring decisions): Monday May 4 – Friday May 29 (No hiring forms will be accepted after Friday May 29 2015)

Program period (the time students can work) : Monday May 4 – Friday August 7, 2015

Salary and Payment Information

The minimum rate of pay is minimum wage ($11.00 per hour) plus 4% vacation pay.

The employer will be expected to contribute 20% of the salary costs. The remaining 80% will be funded centrally. If the student works more than 90 hours during the program period, the wages associated with the additional hours of work will NOT be cost shared and employers will be required to fully fund the additional hours from their own account.

Student Eligibility

  • An Undergraduate student must be taking at least 1.0 credits (40% of a full course load) continuously from May-August.  That means one full course continuously over the entire summer (not 1.0 from May-June and zero courses July-August or 1.0 course over July-August and zero courses between May-June)

  • A Graduate student must be registered in at least 40% of a full course load from May-August. Students are required to check ROSI.  If ROSI registration indicates a “PT” status, they will need to ask their department to confirm the percentage. If ROSI registration indicates a “PT” status, they will need to ask their department to confirm the percentage.

  • Students registered in Toronto School of Theology programs are not eligible for work study positions.

  • Students do not need to be OSAP eligible to apply for Work Study.


Students are permitted to accept ONE Work Study position per program period.
Students registered in the Toronto School of Theology are not eligible for Work Study positions.
Students do NOT have to be OSAP eligible to apply for Work Study positions.

The President's Scholars of Excellence Program (PSEP)

You may receive an application from a PSEP student. These students have been asked to self-identify as recipients of the PSEP as you may choose to give them preference over other candidates. These are students who have a high entrance GPA, and only about 50 students receive this distinction annually. For more information on the PSEP program, please visit:

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

As The University of Toronto’s Work-Study Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus the role you post for Work-Study must be in-line with CCR principles and will appear on the student’s Co-Curricular Record. For details about the CCR, please visit:

Work-Study Contacts

For questions about student eligibility and payment procedures, please contact

For more information or to participate, please contact

Michelle Atkinson


Coordinator, Events and Employment Services‚Äč


Fall-Winter Work Study Program

Information about the 2015-16 Fall-Winter Work Study Program will be available in late Spring 2015.