Mark Cameron Quigley

Mark Cameron Quigley
Grad Year: 
Earth Science
PhD Student and Researcher
University of Melbourne, Australia

“Academic challenges come from trying to develop new methods in which to understand the evolution of the earth. Rewards are global travel, working with fellow researchers from around the world in a variety of natural and cultural environments,” says Mark, who has a Masters of Science from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

“Adaptability, confidence, and a good work ethic are necessary. Any skills can be developed if you have these attributes.”

Mark is also currently a member of the Geological Society of America and the Geological Society of Australia.

“I was turned to geology while listening to a UTM lecturer recount his experiences of travel and adventure during geological expeditions. I worked for a Canadian mining company in the Northwest Territories as well as the Canadian Geological Survey in the Arctic as a undergraduate student. This is where my interests in earth science developed,” he says.

“I contacted my UTM professors for advice on good graduate programs. I emailed potential supervisors around the world and communicated with potential programs. Then I took the risk of moving to a new country to continue my studies.”

Mark says the key to success is lifestyle balance and diversity.

“Keeping up your physical and mental health and maintaining a range of interests apart from career is important. Take career risks and realize that the world is not a place for long-time stability anymore. Be flexible and enjoy change,” he says.