Danielle Pelton

Danielle Pelton
Art History
Communication, Culture and Information Technology
Online Marketing Coordinator
Business, Finance & Administration
Sony Canada

Q: Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities, including challenges/rewards. How did you go about your job search upon graduating -- what strategies were most successful and why do you think you were hired?

In my position as online marketing coordinator at Sony Canada I have been able to learn about different sides of the business. From things like facebook marketing and working with affiliates to Order management and customer service for our E-commerce site. We work on a very small team where we all get a chance to excel in our areas of interest. Currently I am learning FBML so I can become more involved with development for our facebook page.

I think the best thing I did after graduation is taking an internship an Canadian Living Online. After my internship I found I was getting more job interviews and was able to select from a few job offers.

Employers are looking for experience and my internship give me that extra push to get a foot in the door.

Q: List the key positions you have held since graduation, and any post-graduate degrees/diplomas you earned after graduation. If applicable, list any other ways you are involved in your profession or in your community (member of a professional association, involved as a leadership volunteer, etc).

  • Technical Trainee, City of Toronto Online Editorial
  • Intern, Canadian Living Magazine

Q: What personal characteristics/skills are most important for success in your job/field?

A willingness to learn is very important when working online since things change quickly. Also being able to keep cool in stressful situations which arise often.

Q: What have been the keys to your success? What advice would you give to students who wish to pursue a similar career path? If you had the chance to plan your studies and your career path again, what would you do differently (if anything)?

Never giving up on getting a job in my chosen field doing something I love. Trying to find a job was hard during the recession . I applied to so many jobs with-out any response. You can't let that deter you. Eventually someone will give you a chance to prove yourself. That is when the hard work begins.

I would do an internship program while in school if I were to start again. The one I did after graduation helped me gain valuable work experience.