Monty Mou Chung Yuen

Monty Mou Chung Yuen
Grad Year: 
VP, Head of Anti-money Laundering
Business, Finance & Administration
Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

*update*: Monty Yuen is currently the VP, Head of Anti-money Laundering at Fubon Bank (Hong Kong).

Monty Mou Chung Yuen is the Vice President of the Compliance Department for Citigroup Private Bank in Hong Kong.

“I'm responsible for ensuring the clients of the bank are not using the bank to launder money nor to finance terrorists,” says Monty.

“The challenges include obtaining sufficient information from clients as they are usually multi-millionaires and they are reluctant to disclose their source of wealth to their respective bankers. You have to be fair and tactful, able to apply common sense, careful and detail-oriented, as well as willing to learn new things.

Prior to his current position, Monty worked as an Insurance Agent, an Inspector of Police in Hong Kong, an Investment Advisor for Berkshire Securities in Canada, and a Manager of Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong.

Monty, also a Director of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association, says the key to success is to be confident.

“Ever since my first job interview after graduation, I told myself it’s the companies’ loss if they didn’t hire me,” he says. “Always work with integrity and be willing to share experience with your colleagues, no matter if they are your superiors or subordinates.”