Matthew Sammut

Matthew Sammut
Grad Year: 
Political Science
Owner and President
Business, Finance & Administration
Company 1 Inc.

Matthew Sammut runs his own company that provides strategic consultative services to small and mid-size businesses. This includes developing an overall business plan and the creation and implementation of processes including operational, manufacturing, financial and sales/marketing. “Many companies need strategic, independent thinking applied to their business model”. His customers have included manufacturers; financial firms; educational; retail and environmental companies.

He has also created a preventative, proactive health management system for corporate employees to “lower healthcare costs, improve productivity and enhance business culture,” says Matthew, who has post-graduate education in Chartered Financial Planning and Dispute Resolution.

Matthew Sammut was also a Director of Business Development and a Senior Economics Teacher with St. Thomas of Villanova College, a private catholic school. He developed numerous programs for the school in its early years.

To do what Matthew does, he says you have to be entrepreneurial, which includes having a vision and being able to plan, organize, sell, and market. You have to enjoy independence and be a self-starter.

Matthew was a senior officer in the financial industry where he worked for 14 years. He previously held a title as Vice President and Managing Director with TD Bank Investment Services and as Senior Vice President and Director with Midland Walwyn and Merrill Lynch.

“I sent out many resumes and used contacts where possible. I wanted to go into finance so I was focused on that area,” he says. “You have to have an ability to motivate people and have them work extremely hard for you. I am excellent at visionary work and developing strategic plans. My sales and marketing skills together with my speaking skills have become quite refined.”

Matthew has numerous volunteer experiences. He created a charity Adopt a School, Feed The Children; worked with the Canadian Cancer Foundation, as well as with a program that provides food for homeless people in Toronto. He has also been a speaker at numerous charity and community events on motivation, success, and financial management.

“If I could do anything differently, I might have followed my passions closer by developing a life plan at a young age,” he says. “I had great financial success but did not follow my heart which I believe is the biggest mistake by young adults."