Annil Ramsumair

Annil Ramsumair
Grad Year: 
Political Science
Clinical Supplies Associate
Natural & Applied Sciences

“I am responsible for the provision of drug and non-drug supplies in support of AstraZeneca's clinical trials. The challenges include a wide range of study requirements. It is important to keep ourselves updated with therapeutic research and how this affects our company’s drug development pipeline,” says Annil, who previously held titles of Clinical Supplies Operator and Clinical Supplies Technician with his company before attaining his current position.

“It is very rewarding in that our studies work toward providing better healthcare to patients and the advancement of scientific knowledge. Not only do the study supplies I manage make a huge difference in the lives of many patients, my work significantly supports researchers and healthcare professionals.”

Annil says his position requires him to be a quick learner who can adapt in a constantly changing environment. He also needs to exercise strong communication, presentation and organization skills.

“The Career Centre was an excellent starting point,” says Annil of his job search. “After this, I had sent my resume out and was hired by Canadian Blood Services a couple weeks after graduation. Two months after my contract there ended, I was hired by AstraZeneca. I was able to convey the flexibility of my degree and demonstrate how it taught me to analyze problems through many lenses. I feel I was hired because of this and my ability to effectively communicate through a variety of means.”

Annil spent time volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters Peel and at a genetics research lab in the summer after his third year of university.

“This gave me research experience that led to my lab position at Canadian Blood Services, which led to my entry into AstraZeneca. Do not make grades and marks the main focus of any course. Instead of memorizing, regurgitating and forgetting, try to develop a sincere interest in the subject matter,” says Annil.

“Enhance your communication and presentation skills. While presentations and seminars are developed, I feel there is still a huge gap in developing this skill set when it comes to science courses. Try to gain work experience through volunteering or interning as soon as possible. If I could do anything differently I would have gotten involved in research opportunities at an earlier stage of my undergraduate career.”