Francis Palattao

Francis Palattao
Grad Year: 
Computer Science
Team Lead
Natural & Applied Sciences
Research In Motion

*update*: Francis Palattao currently works as a Team Lead at Research In Motion.

Francis Palattao is a Senior Consultant for a top consulting firm.

“The pay is good and I travel a lot, but it’s difficult to have a personal life outside of work,” he says.

“In my line of work, it’s important to be resourceful, to have initiative as well as good technical writing skills.”

Francis previously worked as a Java Developer for one year and a Consultant for two years before landing his current position. Francis, who is also an apprentice instructor in a Jeet Kune Do club, worked as a Teaching Assistant for a first year Computer Science course while at UTM.

“I looked for work by sending out resumes and researching on the web,” he says. “Consider doing internships and volunteer work. And don’t forget to work hard.”