Carey Mottram

Carey Mottram
Grad Year: 
Guidance Counsellor, Business Studies Teacher
Social Science, Education & Religion
Peel District School Board

“My responsibilities include planning, organizing, and developing and implementing lessons. I also counsel students on school pathways and post secondary destinations. There’s a variety of things that I do that aren’t a responsibility but are things that I wish to do to assist in student development. Establishing and coaching school clubs to help in student development is very rewarding for the students and myself,” says Carey.

“The challenges include enabling students to recognize self-worth to bring out their abilities as well as collaborating and working with a diverse group of students and teachers. You have to be a team player and have initiative, time management, leadership, self-motivation, patience, diligence.”

Carey is involved with several extracurricular clubs at school, including junior and senior girls soccer, peer mediation, leadership, and peer mentoring.

“An extern program at a financial institution made me realize the career path I was planning was not suitable for my personality. The extern program provided a wonderful opportunity that I thought would provide positive assistance in helping me learn more about what I wanted to do. The information and insight was beneficial as it made me realize that it wasn't for me. Volunteering in teaching and through involvement with school clubs allowed me to realize the passion I have in assisting others and helping them grow as individuals,” says Carey.

“For teaching, I searched for work using school board websites. For other jobs I have had, I found cold-calling and approaching employers in person worked best. Never look at the past. Focus on the present as it’s the most important time in your life. Network. Get involved with many aspects within the school to make yourself visible.”