Herman Man

Herman Man
Grad Year: 
Business, Finance & Administration

*update*: Herman Man is currently an Analyst for Manulife.

Herman Man is a Senior Investment Accountant with State Street Canada. His responsibilities include pricing mutual funds on a daily basis, coaching Investment Accountants, and taking on any special projects on demand.

“It gives you the benefit of working in a position that's a hybrid of finance and accounting,” Herman says of his job. “There are very tight deadlines and long hours during peak seasons. You must be able to be a quick problem solver.”

Herman says other fundamental characteristics required for this kind of job include being good with numbers, proficient in computer applications, a self-starter, being able to communicate complicated problems in a concise manner, being able to handle stress, and having attention to detail.

“It's very important to keep an open mind to learn. Learning to work with different people is the key to success. There will be people that you don't like and people that do not like you,” says Herman, who is also currently a CGA student and a supply teacher for a Saturday enrichment program for a local not-for-profit organization. “Often times, your ability to handle people issues is more important than the technical skills that you picked up in university. People skills can only be picked up with time.”

He adds that when you first find a job, you must remember to be patient with the people you work with and the job itself.

“To become a valuable member of your organization, you need time to slowly build up your skills,” he says.

Herman maintains that the most effective way to find a job is through networking.

“For many entry-level positions, what separates a candidate from the rest is what they've done besides studying while they were in school. It's proof that you can actually work as a team and it also certifies your communication skills, which is really important in the workplace,” he says.

Herman, who credits his 15-month stint as an Investment Accountant with helping him get to where he is today, was also a mentor at UTM while he was still a student.

“Being a mentor motivated me to becoming a professional accountant,” Herman says, adding that he one day hopes to share his knowledge and experience as an instructor at a postsecondary education institution in addition to his current job.

“A Commerce degree is a ‘practical’ degree that helps you secure a job. There’s a definite advantage over graduates in other fields when it comes to job hunting. However, a university education is not just about finding a job that pays well. It’s supposed to broaden your horizons. If I could do things differently, I would have planned a minor in something that was of my interest in my studies.”