Eric Lucic

Eric Lucic
Grad Year: 
City of Mississauga

“I deal with park and open space related matters. Challenges include bureaucracy and political matters and an ever-growing workload. Rewards include the knowledge that you’re creating a benefit for the greater public,” says Eric.

“You have to have confidence, leadership, communication, and a good memory.”

Eric formerly worked as an Open Space Planner for the City of Brampton.

“In that job I was responsible for community design with a particular emphasis on locating parks and open space features,” says Eric, adding that this job required good communication skills and an ability to multi-task.

Eric previously worked as Heritage Coordinator and Policy Planning Researcher.

“My summer jobs with the City of Mississauga and the quality of certain professors directed me to where I am now,” says Eric.

“I had a job ready for me upon graduation emanating from my part-time and summer positions with the City of Mississauga. I was hired because of the success and work ethic that I brought to my summer and part time positions for the same employer.”

Eric says the keys to success in his line of work are finding summer work in a related profession, being persistent, and having a good work ethic