Erin Frey

Erin Frey
Grad Year: 
Theatre and Drama Studies
Promotions manager and marketing coordinator
Mirvish Productions

Erin, who is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Journalism New Media program and a volunteer sports reporter for Rogers Cable, says her position requires you to be energetic, outgoing, friendly, and personable.

She says she hasn’t done that much searching for work, adding that her most helpful resources have been contacts she has made.

“Broadcasting is a very small community, especially in Canada, so everyone that you meet can be extremely helpful. Make a good impression,” says Erin.

“The actual hands on experience in my program at Sheridan helped me decide what aspect of theatre and media worked the best for my personality. I loved being on camera live, which really narrowed the field for me.”

She says if she could do anything differently, she would have been more decisive and focused on her career earlier.

“It took a while to decide exactly where I fit in the industry. If I had focused on it earlier it would have made the transition from school to work easier,” she says.

“Determination is the key. But build up a thick skin quickly because in this industry rejection comes easily and praise is scarce.”