Norbert Fogarasi

Norbert Fogarasi
Grad Year: 
Computer Science
Executive Director
Business, Finance & Administration
Morgan Stanley

*update*: Norbert Fogarasi is the Executive Director of Morgan Stanley

Norbert Fogarasi is the Vice President of Fixed Income IT with Morgan Stanley.

“I run a small team of analytical programmers who build in-house tools for trade booking and risk management for interest rate derivative products at this large investment bank. Morgan Stanley is one of the largest Wall Street investment firms with over 600 offices and 50,000 employees worldwide,” says Norbert, who went on to earn his M.Sc in Mathematical Finance at the University of Toronto.

Among the characteristics that his job requires are technical programming skills, a mathematical background, communication skills, and analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

“The job involves interacting with traders, risk managers, modelers globally and working on implementing mathematical models for pricing complex security products,” says Norbert, who previously worked as an Analytical Developer Associate for CIBC Oppenheimer in New York.

Norbert interviewed with firms like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and CIBC, who recruited at various campus events.

“Most of my interviews were very technical, so I think I was primarily hired based on my technical skills,” he says.

Norbert had summer research internships in the faculties of Geography and Mathematics and other internships with the Bank of Nova Scotia and Microsoft.

“Industrial summer internships are a great way to guide your career choices and try a profession hands-on before committing longer term,” he says.