Dario Di Censo

Dario Di Censo
Grad Year: 
Business, Finance & Administration
The Dominion Group Inc.

Dario began his career at Dominion soon after graduation in 1988 working in their accounting department and progressively assuming greater responsibilities in accounting and finance. He obtained his CMA designation in 1991 and this helped him take on more responsibility in strategy development.

By 1999 he assumed the position of president with responsibility for operations in Canada, The United States and Mexico. During this time the company grew to over 1000 employees and the international diversity of both the production and customer base required specific strategy development to meet differing cultural needs.

More recently he has been leading the strategic re-alignment of The Dominion Group which has included the sale of its US and Mexican operations as well as the diversification of Dominion's main Canadian operations from a strictly automotive industry focused company to a more broadly based packaging, warehousing and distribution solution provider across many industry groups.

As president, he is directly responsible for developing and executing business strategies as they relate to labour relations, sales, production, administration, IT and finance. He has been a volunteer mentor at UTM since 2004.