Bobby Del Rio

Bobby Del Rio
Grad Year: 
Theatre and Drama Studies
Freelance actor/writer/producer

Bobby Del Rio created Canada’s largest multicultural network in the entertainment industry, called Integrating Networks of Cultures, Learning and Understanding Diversity in Entertainment (INCLUDE).

“In addition to an active artistic career, I have created an infrastructure that finds multicultural artists and provides them with relevant employment opportunities,” says Bobby.

He says despite the inconsistent revenue stream, freelancing is rewards him with freedom, artistic fulfillment, and an interesting lifestyle. He adds that it takes talent, tenacity, perseverance, creativity, ambition, focus, and work ethic to succeed.

“My biggest artistic successes have been due to my fierce sense of autonomy. My career successes are self-generated. I learned this mindset during my years at UTM,” says Bobby.

“Theatre Erindale taught me the value of arts entrepreneurship at a very young age. Opportunities like Independent Study Units, independent productions at the Erindale Fringe, organizing comedy nights at the pub, and the U of T Drama Festival gave me a methodology for autonomous excellence.”

Bobby has sat on numerous committees and continues to be a regular speaker around the industry at panels, conferences, and media interviews.

“Looking back, I would make the same choices again, but I’d be more cognizant of creating wealth to assist my career choices,” he says.

“Don’t let anyone tell you anything is impossible. I firmly believe that no vision is unattainable. If you see it, it can be.”

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