Mark Cassar

Mark Cassar
Grad Year: 
Elementary school Principal
Social Science, Education & Religion
Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

“You have to absolutely love children and have a desire to help them experience success and happiness — not only academically but socially and emotionally as well,” says Mark, who has a B. Ed, an M. Ed, and Supervisory Officer Qualifications.

“I started off as a classroom teacher, teaching all grades between three and eight. I then took Principal's Qualifications and applied for the VP position through the Board's promotions process.”

Mark is a member of the Catholic Principal's Association of Ontario.

“Through involvement through our community parish, my role as an administrator continues as I work with the community to develop links with the home and school,” he says.

He volunteered at school and did TA work for a professor.

“Boards hold job fairs and I attended all of them. I also networked aggressively with teachers and administrators to get my name out there. I also worked through mock interviews to practice my presentation. In the end, I think I got the job because I presented myself in the most professional and competent manner possible,” he says.

Mark acknowledges that some days are very stressful, but his love for his job overrides the stress.

“Sometimes I thought that a different career, like the law degree I wanted to look into, but I think stress will be a part of any career. In the end, I am very happy to have been able to choose such a rewarding career,” he says.

“Dedication to children comes first. Everything else will flow from there and all of this means hard work.”