Victoria Bonanno

Victoria Bonanno
Grad Year: 
Student Advisor
Student Accessibility Services, University of Guelph

Victoria Bonanno currently works as a Student Advisor in the Student Accessibility Services department at the University of Guelph.

Victoria Bonanno worked as a Connect Counsellor (a Mental Health Counsellor for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafened) with the Canadian Hearing Society. Victoria Bonanno also worked as a Family Service Program Worker for Ontario Interpreter Services, coordinating American Sign Language interpreter services for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing consumers.

“I also schedule assignments and maintain an efficient system of delivery for interpreters and consumers. I am an advocate for consumers and educate them and the public about accessibility issues,” says Victoria, who also has an Honours Bachelor of Social Work from York University.

Victoria says her work requires her to be organized and fluent in American Sign Language. “You also have to be a good negotiator,” says Victoria, who found her job by meeting with a career counselor at the UTM Career Centre. “I searched on Charity Village and went to non-profit organizations websites.”

Victoria says she was hired based on her organization and her diverse portfolio. She is currently in the process of completing a certificate in conversational French at Sheridan College.