Susan Ashmore

Susan Ashmore
Grad Year: 
Exceptionality in Human Learning
HR Consultant with Town of Oakville
Business, Finance & Administration
Town of Oakville

Susan Ashmore is a Human Resources consultant with the Town of Oakville, a position she’s held since a 12 year career in Human Resources with the University of Toronto.

“I learn something new everyday and consider myself to be a 'problem solver' in my HR advisory role. The challenges are very rewarding as there are no straightforward answers and my job requires me to be resourceful constantly,” says Susan, who has a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

“I often conduct research, write reports and create presentation and training materials that I then have the opportunity to teach from. I feel very fortunate to have fallen into this career path because I gain an immense amount of career satisfaction in my chosen profession.”

She says the most important characteristics her job requires are resourcefulness, intuition, knowledge, attention to detail, problem solving, and decision making skills.

Susan said she found work by networking and being in the right place at the right time and being willing to take risks without job security.

While a student at UTM, Susan was an Academic Director for ECSU, a Residence Don, and a volunteer.

“These opportunities most definitely developed my interpersonal and leadership skills greatly aided me as I embarked on my career path. I honestly do not think I would be where I am today had I not had these experiences,” she says.

If she could do anything differently, Susan says she might have pursed a Master's degree part time while working prior to starting her family.

“I think I will still pursue this goal but have decided to defer it. As well, I think I would have written my LSAT and GMAT and possibly pursed law school immediately after my undergrad if successful,” she says.

“I have high standards of my own performance. Never be afraid to ask questions.”