Feeling comfortable in your business attire

Have you ever noticed how some people look right at home in business attire, while others look like they simply can’t wait to get back into their jeans and t-shirts?

Here’s a tip to help you get comfortable when wearing business attire: practice by wearing it in situations that are not career-related.

You can get accustomed to business attire by wearing it at home for an hour or two, out for a walk, to the mall, for a drive, or to visit a friend. Once you begin to feel comfortable in your business attire you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the confidence and respect that professional attire brings.

It may also be helpful for you to book an individual Practice Interview appointment at the UTM Career Centre, where you can practice answering typical questions while wearing your industry-appropriate attire.

Remember, the more you wear your business attire the more confident you will feel. That confidence will give you an edge in keeping the focus on communicating your skills and professionalism, instead of how you feel in a suit. Once you enter the workforce you may be wearing business attire every day, so why not stay ahead of the game? Practice makes perfect!

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