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Testimonials - what past participants said about the Extern Program

"I would like to express my utmost appreciation for coordinating the job shadowing program. It was intriguing and inspiring; my host introduced me to crucial components of the complicated water treatments systems in Toronto, which provided me with more profound understanding of the indispensability of your work.

Without you and my host, this tour wouldn’t be possible. I will strongly recommend my friends and lower year students to participate in this program since it is a fantastic way to explore industries while linking to some of the courses we take at university."

"You did a great job creating the number of potential placement opportunities listed."

"This placement was very eye-opening. I dearly appreciate your help in finding such a placement for us, students. I truly have nothing, but positive words, to describe this experience. Thank you very much."

"This was a well organized program which gave me insight on the career I wanted to explore as I was unsure as to what career I wanted to pursue."

"With regards to my placement, I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot. Signing up for the Extern Job Shadowing program was one of the best decisions I have made so far during my undergraduate journey."

"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Extern Job Shadowing Program. I wish I had found out about in my earlier years. I had a really good go at my host’s workplace and I got along really well with the various people there. I also thanked everyone I met today for their time."

"The program was organized very well. I enjoyed everything about it."

"My experience at the Extern Job Shadowing Program was certainly an inspiring one. In my first year, it was an opportunity to explore the fields of media and communications. The hosting organization was a small advertising agency in Toronto. The place looked like someone’s imagination was splattered throughout the interior. My immediate first impression was that this company was unique and extraordinary.

I had the opportunity to observe the advertising process in a small agency. My host from the Account Services department set up a tour, meeting observation, and arranged to meet staff from different departments. The employees were very willing to speak to us about their experiences in other companies, and in the industry. I learned about different positions that I never knew existed, such as Account Services, Director of Business Development, Art Director, Editor, VP Production and so much more. It shows that there are endless potential careers out there.

The CEO was very inviting, and it was an honour to have a personal talk with him. I sincerely took in his wisdom, success, and failures as inspiration. This entire experience gave me the motivation to continue searching for my passion. As well, seeing successful people in careers they love shows that determination and hard work pays off. As well, I learned to keep an open mind - there’s a chance new doors could open.

Furthermore, getting a taste of the corporate world calmed my fears of putting myself out there. Now that I have been slightly exposed, there’s an idea of what to expect and how to behave in the business world. The experience more than anything will further benefit my future networking and employment experiences. Although I would probably not like to pursue advertising, I am excited to explore the different fields of media and communications."

"I was able to see the daily activities that an event planner was responsible for. It was not just sitting behind a desk and doing paper work and planning for various events, it was also going to the various departments and overseeing those activities and making sure that everything is going according to the plan. It also helped me realize whether I want to venture into this area of study or not. It allowed me to meet new people and develop networks which is really important in all areas of work. Through these networks, in the words of my host: "It opens new doors and opportunities."
- 2nd year student: Specialist in Accounting, Major in Economics

"I got a better understanding of the financial planning activity as well as the way to access the employment opportunities related to finance. I observed the work environment and the dynamics between employees and clients that was invaluable for exploring my career interest. The most beneficial part was that I had the chance to learn what it means to work in Financial Services and what skills are necessary in order to succeed.”
- 2nd year student: Specialist in Finance and Major in Economics

"The placement clarified some misconceptions of the job description that I had heard. It gave me a sense of direction, a sort of timeline for me to follow should I really want to pursue genetic counselling as a career. I was able to gather contacts of other genetic counselors should I have questions about admissions into the master's program at different schools. I now know what exactly I would get myself into should I choose to pursue this career. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Ms. Haroun was really friendly and she gave me contacts to places I can volunteer in to gain experience before applying to the master's in genetic counselling program. The experience was very helpful."
- 4th year Student: Human Biology Specialist Program - Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology