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Will I get a job?

The focus of the Extern Job Shadowing Program is to help you learn more about a specific career area through your placement. Your host is agreeing to help with your career exploration (not provide you with employment). The program can, however, help you expand your professional network which in turn can lead to potential employment.

What types of placements are available?

Placements are available in a wide variety of career areas. We review all of the registration forms to determine which career areas are most popular with students. We then target potential hosts using this information.

How long are the placements?

Placements vary in length from half a day to five days in length, with most placements being one to two days long. Placement duration and other details are decided by the host.

Will you provide me with a list of possible placements?

Yes. Students who attend the program orientation will be notified once these positions are available.

How are placement decisions made?

All applications will be screened by a committee of Career Centre staff members to ensure the best possible fit between the student and the host.  Placements will be awarded to students who have articulated their interest and knowledge of the career area most effectively as it relates to the placement details provided.

The evaluating committee will also take into consideration if students have previously participated in the program to explore the same (or different) career area of their interest.

How do I find out about my placement?

Program participants are sent an e-mail with their basic placement details. The placement package includes a commitment form (which must be returned to the Career Centre), and a schedule for the mandatory seminar Extern Placement Preparation Session. Host contact details are provided at the program seminar.

Can I put this experience on my resume? Can I use my sponsor as a reference?

This is a short-term placement with a host and should not be listed as a workplace experience. Similarly, your host will not be able to provide you with a reference.

Do all students get placed?

The Extern Job Shadowing Program attempts to place all students who attend the program orientation, however placements are not guaranteed.

I have a question that hasn't been addressed here. Who can I contact?

UTM is currently designing a new program and there will be a placement session in the spring of 2017.  Please email anne.gaiger@utoronto.ca for more information, and check back on this section of our website soon!