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The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling

       The Networking Survival Guide

Get the success you want by tapping into the people you know

The Networking Survival Guide is a book written by Diane Darling who is the founder and president of Effective Networking, Inc. She also teaches her professional networking techniques in workshops and has a blog to help people improve their networking skills. The book The Networking Survival Guide aims to help people build and gain confidence in their networking abilities. According to Diane Darling, introverts, extroverts, novices or aces, can all learn something from her book because it is designed to bring clarity to the chaos of networking. defines networking as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups that have a common interest. Networking can be very beneficial as it can raise your profile, open new doors, and is a source of fresh ideas. Summer is a great time to build new contacts and grow your network in order to achieve more academic and profession success in your future.

In the book The Networking Survival Guide Diane Darling focuses on two facets of networking which are: 1) the outside or the skills that can be learnt with some training and practice 2) the inside or the connection that someone feels towards others when networking occurs and the possible reasons why many people are hesitant to network.

In short, through the use of this book you will learn how to:

  • Set your networking goals
  • Form a strategic plan to reach your goals
  • Identify and develop potential contacts
  • Follow up on leads and turn them into opportunities
  • Make good things happen to your career
  • Become a resource for fellow networkers

Product details:

IBSN (print): 9780071751117

Pages: 246

List price: $23.95Author: Diane Darling


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