Career Learning Network (CLN)

Click here to login to Career Learning Network (CLN)

Click here to login to Career Learning Network (CLN)

What is Career Learning Network (CLN)?

Career Learning Network (CLN) is a website that gives University of Toronto students access to Career Centre services.

Work opportunities

CLN gives you access to hundreds of job postings. Postings include part-time, volunteer, casual, summer, and work-study opportunities both on- and off-campus.

If you are graduating this year or are a recent graduate, you can access the Full-Time Job Board which is an employment service for students looking for full-time employment upon or after graduation. You will need to attend a Now That I'm Graduating, What's Next? orientation session.

Important Note:
The Career Centres approve the jobs that are posted, however we have experienced employers making unusual requests of new employees, such as cashing cheques for amounts larger than the student is owed and forwarding the remainder to another party. If a request such as this is made, please do not perform this transaction. It is also important to never send banking information and other personal information to anyone unless you have initiated a request for services or goods. Job offers can be a powerful tool for harvesting personal information and money.  Please contact the Career Centre on your campus if you have any questions.  More information can also be found on the Canadian Anti-fraud website.

Other services

Other services offered by CLN include access to Career Cruising, Career Insider and Goinglobal. See the Resources section once you've logged into CLN.

If you're an alum who graduated over two years ago, and you are wondering about career services available to you, please visit