Biology Seminar Series

When: Fridays, 12pm (unless otherwise indicated)

Where: CC3150

Every Friday during the academic year, the Department of Biology hosts an exciting seminar given by a guest speaker. Topics cover every aspect of biology, from whole organisms to molecular biology. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring your lunch. Coffee, tea and cookies will be provided. Please bring your own mug if possible, to help us reduce waste.

Upcoming Seminar:

The Biology Seminar Series will resume in the fall of 2017.



2016-2017 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Host
Sep 9, 2016

Marc Johnson, UTM

How to defend one’s self against many enemies: A micro- to macroevolutionary perspective

UTM Biology
Sep 16, 2016

Kathleen Kay, University of California, Santa Cruz

Pollinator driven speciation in plants — insights from Neotropical gingers and California Clarkias


Seminar Poster

Sasa Stefanovic
Sep 23, 2016

Chris Eckert, Queen's University

Evolutionary genetic consequences of mating system shifts on California beaches

Seminar Poster

Peter Kotanen
Sep 30, 2016

Jen Lau, Michigan State University

Species interactions in a changing world: Evolutionary consequences of global change

Seminar Poster

Marc Johnson
Oct 7, 2016

James Umen, Donald Danforth Science Center

Reconstructing the transition to multicellularity: Genetic and genomic insights from Volvocine algae

Seminar Poster

Rob Ness
Oct 14, 2016 Fall Reading Week - No Seminar  
Oct 21, 2016

Jessica MacDonald, Syracuse University

The intersection of epigenetics and environmental factors in neocortical development and neurodevelopmental disorders

Seminar Poster

Tim Westwood
Oct 28, 2016

Daniel Kronauer, Rockefeller University

The evolution of ant sociality

Seminar Poster

Joel Levine
Nov 4, 2016

Jason Munshi-South, Fordham University

A tale of two rodents: Population genomics of white-footed mice and rats in New York City

Seminar Poster

Marc Johnson
Nov 11, 2016

Trevor Pitcher, University of Windsor

Pre- and post-spawning sexual selection in fishes

UTM Biology
Nov 18, 2016

Dave Smith, University of Western Ontario (UWO)

The wild, wild west of organelle genetics: New frontiers, lawlessness, and misfits

Rob Ness
Nov 25, 2016

Lars Rudstam, Cornell University

Food web changes in the Great Lakes – the Lake Ontario perspective

Seminar Poster

Gary Sprules
Dec 2, 2016

Paul Frankland, Sick Kids Hospital, University of Toronto

Hippocampal neurogenesis and forgetting

Seminar Poster

Grad Students
Jan 6, 2017

Conner Fitzpatrick, UTM - The ecological importance of the plant root microbiome

Lucia Mendoza Viveros, UTM - Role of microRNA-132/212 in seasonal adaptation and dendritic morphology of the central circadian clock

UTM Biology
Jan 13, 2017

Hal Whitehead, Dalhousie University

Gene-culture coevolution in whales and dolphins

Seminar Poster

Christoph Richter
Jan 20, 2017

Melissa Holmes, UTM

Neuroendocrinology and plasticity of social phenotype in eusocial mammals

Seminar Poster

UTM Biology
Jan 27, 2017

Mike Benard, Case Western Reserve University

Phenology, fecundity, and dispersal: predicting the effects of climate change on amphibian metapopulations

Seminar Poster

Shannon McCauley
Feb 3, 2017

Liana Zanette, UWO

The dimensions of fear: from brains to populations to ecosystems

Seminar poster

Shannon McCauley
Feb 10, 2017

Norman Huner, UWO

Life at the Edge: Photosynthetic Adaptation of Chlamydomonas sp. UWO241 to an Extreme Antarctic Environment

Seminar poster

Ingo Ensminger
Feb 17, 2017

Bruce Reed, University of Waterloo

The Drosophila midgut as a model for stem cell specification: lessons in hindsight

Seminar poster

Ted Erclik
Feb 24, 2017 Winter Reading Week - No Seminar  
Mar 3, 2017

Mike Ryan, University of Texas, Austin

Receiver Biases in the Perception and Interpretation of Acoustic Communication Signals

Seminar Poster

John Ratcliffe
Mar 10, 2017

Jill Wegrzyn, University of Connecticut

Computational approaches to decode megagenomes and understand adaptation in forest trees

Seminar Poster

Ingo Ensminger
Mar 17, 2017

Charles Derby, Georgia State University

Escape by inking: marine molluscs avoid predators with diverse chemicals and mechanisms

Seminar Poster

Adriano Senatore
Mar 24, 2017

Eleanor Sterling, American Museum of Natural History

Indicators of ecological health and human well-being: local to
global perspectives

Seminar Poster

Linda Kohn
Mar 31, 2017

Andy Sih, University of California Davis

Implications of animal personalities for sexual selection, ecological invasions and parasite transmission

Seminar Poster

UTM Biology