Congratulations to Ilia Ferzoco!

9 May 2016 - 10:05am
Ilia Ferzoco

Ilia Ferzoco (McCauley lab) presented a poster on her BIO481 research at the Ontario Ecology, Evolution, and Ethology Conference and was the 1st runner-up in the award for best undergraduate poster.

She will be continuing this research over the summer as a Koffler Scientific Reserve USRA.

Five teaching-stream professors, including our own Dr. Fiona Rawle, tell their stories

6 May 2016 - 7:58am
chalkboard with the words "Teachers are alright"

Teaching-stream faculty – professors whose main responsibilities are teaching, with few or no research obligations – is a term that can still generate controversy. Some faculty members have voiced concerns that these positions may lead to a two-tier system, unfair teaching loads and truncated career trajectories. And yet, there are many professors out there who find that this alternative career track fits them well. We introduce you to five teaching-stream appointees and how they came to be in, and are enjoying, their current positions.

How earthworms harm ecosystems: UTM study

6 May 2016 - 7:54am
earthworm on the ground

There’s a wriggling invader beneath your feet and it’s steadily, silently nibbling away at forest diversity. New field research from U of T Mississauga shows for the first time that invasive earthworms are eating forest seed species such as yellow birch and black cherry trees. The findings suggest that earthworms may have a greater impact on the success of forest seedlings than previously suspected.

Congratulations to Connor and Aaron!

3 May 2016 - 12:30pm

Congratulations to Connor Fitzpatrick for being successful at winning the UTM Graduate Leadership Award and Aaron LeBlanc for receiving the UTM Graduate Research Award. These are both very well deserved awards and indicate a commitment of our graduate students to both research and leadership.

Federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan Visits UTM

20 Apr 2016 - 9:01am
Uli Krull, Pierre Normand, Kirsty Duncan and Adriano Senatore (from left to right)

On Friday April 15th, federal MP Kirsty Duncan and Pierre Normand (CFI) visited UTM to announce $5.2M in funding to fund UofT research infrastructure. She visited Adriano Senatore’s new lab space in DV1075. Following the lab visit, UofT VP Uli Krull welcomed MP Duncan and Mr. Normand to UTM in a short ceremony.

Adriano spoke briefly about his research on synaptic transmission and stressed the importance of CFI funding to his research and to enrich the student’s experience in his lab (both undergraduate and graduate).