Hot Student Papers

New occurrences of Ichniotherium and Striatichnium from the lower Permian Kildare Capes formation, Prince Edward Island, Canada: Palaeoenvironmental and biostratigraphic implication

22 Aug 2012 - 3:34pm

Kirstin BrinkJessica HawthornPalaeontological time travelers Kirstin Brink (right photo) and Jessica Hawthorn (left photo) from the Reisz Lab recently published in Palaeontology.

Their paper describes tracks and trackways of a rare vertebrate herbivore and a trace of an invertebrate found in association for the first time outside of Europe. The association of these traces allows for a palaeoecological interpretation of the PEI locality and highlights the scarcity of large-bodied herbivores in the Early Permian.

Nice work, Kirstin and Jessica!

Calcitonin-like diuretic hormones in insects

14 Aug 2012 - 8:20am

calcitonin-like diuretic hormone structureMeet ZandawalaCongratulations to Meet Zandawala (left photo) from the Orchard Lab, for his recently published, sole-authored paper in Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology!

Social structures depend on innate determinants and chemosensory processing in Drosophila

8 Aug 2012 - 9:09am

Jonathon SchneiderDrawing of Drosophila melanogasterThis week's paper is as sizzling hot as the recent weather.  Jonathan Schneider from the Levine Lab just published "Social structures depend on innate determinants and chemosensory processing in Drosophila" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  In this paper, video tracking analysis reveals that vinegar flies, D.

An unusual myosuppressin from the blood-feeding bug Rhodnius prolixus

31 Jul 2012 - 8:00am

the blood-feeding bug Rhodnius prolixusRosa DaSilvaDoHee LeeWe close out July by celebrating a second paper by DoHee Lee (left photo), Rosa Da Silva (center photo) and a former undergraduate student, Hamza Taufique, all from the Lange Lab.

The proctolin gene and biological effects of proctolin in the blood-feeding bug, Rhodnius prolixus

23 Jul 2012 - 8:51am

blood-feeding bug, RhodniusRosa DaSilvaDoHee LeeThis week we roll back the calendar to recognize a paper we missed in 2011 by DoHee Lee (left photo) and Rosa Da Silva (center photo), current (Lee) and former (Da Silva) Ph.D. students in the Lange and Orchard Labs.