UTM Eagles Varsity - Frequently Asked Questions

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In what association does U of T Mississauga compete?

U of T Mississauga Varsity teams compete in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA), which is the coordinating body for the intercollegiate sports within the Ontario colleges e.g. Humber, Sheridan, George Brown, Seneca etc. The 30 OCAA member institutions have the opportunity to compete in league and tournament sports. The champions of most of these various sport programs go on to compete nationally within the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA). The CCAA is the national governing sport body for intercollegiate sports for Canadian colleges. Visit the OCAA website at www.ocaa.com.

  1. What Varsity Sports does U of T Mississauga offer?

    • The UTM Eagles compete in Cross Country, Badminton, Women's and Men's Indoor Soccer, Women's and Men's Outdoor Soccer

    • Starting 2017-2018 the UTM Eagles will compete in Women's & Men's Basketball 

  2. What will happen at the Varsity Team Information Meeting?

    • You will be introduced to the coach and given more details about the program. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions. You will be given the log-in information to regsiter for the try-outs

  3. I missed the Varsity Team Information Meeting. Can I still attend the tryouts?

    • Yes. You will need to stop by the Program Office and speak to the Varsity Program Staff.  All students must pre-register to attend a Varsity tryout.

  4. When do tryouts start?
    • After August 15th for all Fall sports: Cross Country, Women’s and Men’s Soccer 
    • After September 15th for our 2 semester sports– Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball.
    • After November 10th for our winter sports- Women's and Men's Indoor Soccer
  5. For Fall sports, what if I miss the tryouts that took place before the school term began?
    • For Soccer, there will be at least one open tryout held concurrently with the first Development League Tryout where the Varsity Coaches will be in attendance.

    • For Cross Country, get out to the first tryout that you can make.  Email the Head Coach if you have missed the previous tryots.

  6. Will equipment be provided at tryouts?

    For most sports, athletes are required to have their own equipment.

    We do have recreational level badminton racquets that can be signed out if a student does not have a racquet. 

  7. How do I become eligible to play Varsity sports?

    • A student competing in the OCAA must be a full-time student at the institution he or she represents in a full time program leading to a diploma, degree or certificate. At U of T Mississauga, the student must also meet specific academic criteria in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Students entering UTM for their initial year of studies have a grace period of one semester (Fall semester). In order to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics, the student athlete must:

    • Be registered as a full time student in the current academic year (3.0 credits or more).

    • Maintain a good standing student status in the semester prior to competition.

    • Register on the VBRS system prior to tryouts.

  8. I am a current UTM Varsity Athlete am I eligible to participate in Intramurals, extramurals and/or Campus Rec?

    • As a UTM Eagles athlete you are not eligible to participate in the U of T Intramural or OCAA extramural program for your sport. There are limited opportunities for varsity athletes to play in the UTM Campus Rec leagues and on UTM Development League teams.

  9. As a UTM student am I still eligible to compete for the Varsity Blues?

    • UTM students as a part of the University of Toronto are still eligible to compete for Varsity Blues teams, but may not transfer to a UTM Varsity team during that school year.

  10. If I tryout for a Varsity Blues team, can I still tryout for a UTM Varsity team?

    • Once a UTM student has participated in a tryout for a Varsity Blues team that UTM also offers in that sport at the varsity level, they are NOT eligible to tryout for a UTM Varsity team in that sport during that academic year.

    • NOTE- Even if a UTM Student does not make a Varsity Blues team roster, they are not eligible to compete for a UTM Varsity team for one calendar year.

    • If the sport is not offered at UTM, the student may still tryout for a UTM Varsity team e.g. A UTM student who attends a Varsity Blue swimming tryout and does not make the team may still tryout for UTM Varsity soccer, cross country, badminton etc.

  11. How much of a time commitment are Varsity sports?
    • Time commitment is sport specific and dependent on length of the season and training level designed by each coach. Participating in a varsity athletics program is at minimum comparable to taking on a part-time job. At the very least 2-3 two-hour practices a week plus fitness training.
  12. What facilities are used during tryouts and in season practice/training?
    • Tryouts and practices will be held in the Gym A/B of UTM’s Recreation Athletics & Wellness Centre for indoor sports (Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball) and on the North or South fields for outdoor sports (Soccer).
    • Cross Country tryouts and outdoor training will be held at the Erindale Park, which is adjacent to the UTM campus.
    • Teams will make use of our gyms, weight rooms, high performance centre, track, swimming pool, fields and off campus rental facilities for practices, training and/or games.
  13. What if I do not make the OCAA UTM Eagles Varsity Squad, what are my other competitive options?
    • We have Development Leagues in many sports.  These sports are very competitive and will develop athletes for future Varsity competition.  They are also availble for athletes that have used up all of their sport eligibility, students in part-time studies or UTM students who are academically ineligible for our OCAA Varsity teams.
  14. I am thinking of coming to UTM, or I am a current UTM student, and I want to contact the Varsity coaches about trying out for a team?