How To Register

Captains or Team Representatives – Pick-up a Team Entry Form on-line or at the Program Office in the RAWC. Don’t miss the Team Entry Meeting. Teams can not enter a league unless they have attended the Team Entry Meeting. Be sure to send a team rep to the meeting. There will be a huge demand for teams this year and space is limited!! A ballot system will be used at the Team Entry Meeting if there are more teams wanting to enter, than available spots.

Performance Bonds are due at the Membership Services Counter by 12 pm the day after the Team Entry Meeting for only the teams that have submitted their Team Entry Form at the Entry Meeting.

The Team Entry Forms from the Entry Meeting will be taken to the Membership Services Counter and and placed in a Campus Rec Binder. Once the team has paid their bond at the Membership Services Counter (located in the lobby of the RAWC), the team will be placed in the schedule. Failure to pay the bond will result in a team on the waiting list taking that team’s spot or removal from the league schedule. Provided there is still room in the league after 12 pm deadline to submit Performance Bonds has elapsed, the League will remain open for an additional 24 hours, (until 12 pm the following day) to any team that submits a Team Entry Form along with their Performance bond. This includes any team, including those that may have attended the Team Entry Meeting but were late in paying their bond.

You can only pay for your bonds with credit card or debit. IF YOU PAY YOUR BONDS BY VISA AND/OR MASTERCARD AND THE REFUND IS CREDITED 2 WEEKS AFTER THE SEASON ENDS. Bonds paid by debit card will have to be refunded to your debit card. Go to the Membership Services Counter to process your refund 2 weeks after the season ends.

Player Registration

If you have a team, the Player Registration Form acts as the official team roster and is due to the League Commissioner prior to the start of the teams first scheduled league game. You can also pick-up a Player Registration Form on-line or at the Program Office in the RAWC.

There are restrictions for teams in terms of number of players playing U of T Intramurals (Interfaculty) Ex-Varsity and Varsity. See Intramural Handbook for more info on the *Intramural (IM) Point System. Unless stated otherwise in the league or tournament entry information, all division 1 intramural teams are allowed a maximum of 4 points and division 2 intramural teams are allowed a maximum of 1 point Division 3 teams are allowed ZERO points.

Player Transfer Form (NEW THIS TERM)

Under specific rules players are allowed to transfer from one team to another. The transfer rule is not meant for a team to borrow a player for a game and have them go to a team that they intended on playing with all along.

The Player Transfer Form must be submitted 48 hours prior to game time.  Failure to do so will result in a 2 game suspension for the player involved. 

You can print a Player Transfer Form online here or pick one up in the Program Office.

IM Point System Restrictions

Refer to the allowable U of T Intramurals, Ex-Varsity and Current Varsity players, using the Intramural Point System in the Intramural Handbook. Click here for our IM Point System Chart.

Individuals Looking for Teams?

If you are looking for a team, please sign the FREE AGENT LIST located in the Intramural Binder in the Program Office, Room 060 in the RAWC. Free Agent players are also asked to attend the Team Entry Meeting to see if any Team Reps need extra players. If there are enough Free Agents to form one team and there is room in the League then a Free Agent team will be entered.