Children's Swimming Lessons

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Swimming Instruction for Children

UTM uses the Red Cross Swim Program and offers Swimming Lessons for people of all ages. If you have already taken lessons before using another program, see the conversion chart below or contact Cameron at (905) 828-3850 to set up an evaluation session for your child.

Please note that we do not offer make up lessons for missed classes. 


Children's Swimming Instruction Program Dates

Fall '14 Session

Wednesdays: Sept 24 - Nov 26

Saturdays: Sept 27 - Nov 29*

 Winter '15 Session 

Wednesdays: Jan 14 - Mar 25

Saturdays: Jan 17 - Mar 28*

*No lessons on long weekends.


Registration Dates for Swim Instruction

Fall 2014 Session
Thursday, September 4th, 2014 @ 8:00 am
Winter 2015 Session
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 @ 8:00 am

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Conversion Chart

Please use the conversion table below to ensure that your child is in the best level for their swimming ability.

Lifesaving Swim Program Red Cross Swim Kids Program
Parent and Tot 1, 2 Starfish and Duck
Preschool A Sea Turtle
Preschool B Sea Otter/Salamander
Preschool C Salamander/Sunfish
Preschool D Crocodile
Preschool E Whale
Swimmer 1 Swim Kids 1, 2
Swimmer 2 Swim Kids 3
Swimmer 3 Swim Kids 4
Swimmer 4 Swim Kids 5
Swimmer 5 Swim Kids 6
Swimmer 6 Swim Kids 7
Rookie Patrol Swim Kids 8
Ranger Patrol Swim Kids 9
Star Patrol Swim Kids 10