Student Appointments

Building Your Academic Skills

Often the best way to get started in your first year of study is to come into the Centre for an individual consultation. You can consult with one of our strategists about understanding your learning style and making it work for you, developing study plans for upcoming tests/exams, or discussing papers you are currently writing. Another approach is to take one of our special Diagnostic Assessments designed to help you learn exactly where you stand with respect to the critical academic skills:

  • Math Skills for Calculus
  • Critical Reading and Writing Skills
  • Scientific Problem-Solving Skills

Take an hour of your time to write an assessment, and you'll get our detailed feedback and recommendations in a follow-up interview. If you wish, you can be assessed in all three skills areas.

We recommend that you book an appointment at least one week in advance and give yourself lots of time before your paper is due to apply what you learn in your sessions.

Click here to login with your UTORid and book an appointment, either Face-to-Face or Online.

FACE-TO-FACE APPPOINTMENTS:  Faculty and Instructors at the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre offer instruction in the various forms of academic writing and oral presentations required in your courses. You can bring your work-in-progress from any course you are taking. Bring your work at any stage in its development, from brain-storming and planning to revising a draft. We can help you learn to interpret assignments, establish a critical perspective, read texts critically, take notes effectively, form a strong thesis or research question, develop your analysis, construct a coherent argument, organize your paper effectively, use and document sources properly, revise your drafts, and improve grammar and style. We don't “proof-read” papers for you; we will help you learn to identify and correct problems of grammar and syntax.

ONLINE APPOINTMENTS: Upload your paper--or even just some questions or rough notes--and at the appointed time one of our faculty or instructors will add comments and suggestions, then put it back on the system for you to download.  After initially booking your online appointment, you can log in again closer to the appointment time to upload the most current version of your draft.  PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally we run into technical problems uploading commented-on documents.  If your paper doesn’t show up on the system for you to download after your appointment time, our instructors will try to email it to you, so check your inbox.

Our Policies

  • All UTM students are eligible to use the RGASC. If you think you are eligible but the reservation system doesn't recognize your login, contact us by phone, 905-828-3858, or by email,
  • You may reserve ONE appointment per week and up to three appointments at a time.
  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.
  • If you miss or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or do not show up for two scheduled appointments in a single term, you will lose access to the reservation system.