TA Training and Workshops

At the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre at the University of Toronto Mississauga we offer skills support and development to all students. As graduate students you might refer undergraduate students to us for skills development like writing, presenting or problem-solving.

Winter 2018

Brown Bag Lunch: Starting the Semester

Tuesday, January 16th @ 11:30am – 1:30pm in DH 3075

Register here: http://tatp.utoronto.ca/event/utm-bb-lunch-jan16/

Facilitators: Abdullah Farooqi, TATP Humanities Trainer

Do you have a dilemma, challenge, or question about teaching? Have you been experimenting with new teaching techniques in your classroom, or would you like to try out a new technique and talk it through with some of your colleagues and experienced TATP facilitators? Bring your lunch and join us to troubleshoot your teaching concerns, brainstorm creative solutions to your teaching conundrums or questions, and share strategies for teaching in your discipline. All questions and ideas, large and small, are welcome!

The Multilingual Classroom: Cultivating a Multilingual Teaching Team and Learning Community

Thursday, February 1 @ 1-3pm in IB 320

Register here: http://tatp.utoronto.ca/event/utm-mll-feb1/

Abdullah Farooqi, TATP Humanities Trainer & Kangbin Zhou, TATP Sciences Trainer

With increasing internationalization, teaching and learning in a multilingual context has become common for both multilingual and native English speaking TAs. Have you ever wondered how to effectively engage multilingual students or how to better navigate language barriers while grading or teaching? This workshop will address issues of multilingualism in the classroom from both TAs’ and students’ perspectives. How do we work as part of a multilingual teaching team to meet the learning needs of a diverse student population? Participants will learn strategies for overcoming language and communication barriers in the classroom and leveraging their own multilingualism and diverse cultural experiences (or those of their teaching team peers) as a strength. We will address issues such as how to grade ELL (English language learners’) writing and presentations, how to encourage participation in ways that overcome language barriers and respect students’ diversity, and how to address challenges we face with respect to our own language fluency and norms. During the workshop, participants will develop a list of concrete strategies applicable to their own teaching contexts, and analyze case study scenarios for solutions to common challenges in this area.

Brown Bag Lunch: Strategic Planning

Wednesday, February 7 @ 11:30am – 1:30pm in DH 3075

Register here: http://tatp.utoronto.ca/event/utm-bb-lunch-feb7/

Abdullah Farooqi, TATP Humanities Trainer

Do you have a dilemma, challenge, or question about teaching? At this brown-bag lunch, we’ll be focusing on planning that TAs can do to help their students and themselves during the middle of the semester. If your students seem unprepared to start tackling that final paper or project, or unwilling to jump into discussion, come join us to discuss strategies! As always, any and all teaching dilemmas are welcome, whether they relate to this theme or not.

TA Training and Workshops

Information on Mandatory Training for New TAs

According to the current collective agreement for employees of C.U.P.E. 3902, all new (first contract) TAs in Unit 1 must be provided with 3 hours of pedagogical training time in their contract.

The preferred training option for new, first-contract TAs is a department-arranged group training. Departments and individual TAs may elect to fulfill this training by arranging for TATP staff to lead a group training session for all TAs in the department. Contact academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca to set up a group departmental training for your TAs.

"First-time TA” Workshops

“First-time TA” Workhops are designed as “catch-all” training workshops to provide basic training. First-contract TAs may attend to fulfill their mandatory training requirements, if no departmental training is available.

New TAs should download and have their department supervisor or TA coordinator complete a CUPE Training Request form (http://www.cupe3902.org/ta-training/paid-training/ ), to ensure their department is notified that they have completed of mandatory training hours. Please bring the completed form to the workshop you are attending. (See below for more information about attendance)

Other Training Event Options (to fulfil mandatory requirements)

If no other training opportunities exist, new, first-contract TAs may attend a (1-hour) CUPE Information Session (see below) in combination with any (2-hour) TATP Workshop.

However, a TATP Workshop attended to fulfill paid training may not be counted as credit toward TATP Certificate participation. (See below)

CUPE Information & Session Attendance

CUPE Informational Sessions

TAs who are unable to attend any of the above training options should plan to attend a 1-hour CUPE Info Session on any of the three campuses, and may complete their 3-hour training by attendance at other teaching training events, such as a TATP Workshop.

These sessions will be scheduled in late January.

Session Attendance (Information for TAs and Departments)

TAs attending TATP Workshops (including First-time TA Workshops and TATP Workshop Series) in order to fulfil mandatory training at any time during their first contract should download a Training Request form from CUPE 3902:
(http://www.cupe3902.org/documents-forms/unit-1/TrainingForm.pdf or http://www.cupe3902.org/ta-training) This form should be completed and signed by the departmental TA contact (normally the departmental TA coordinator, administrator or business officer responsible for managing TA contracts). The workshop facilitator may sign the Training Request form for confirmation of attendance after workshop is completed. TAs should then return the form to their departmental TA contact.

Attendance at TATP Workshops is recorded via sign-in sheet for purposes of recording completion of Certificate components. TAs must come prepared with a CUPE Training Request form (link above) in order to confirm completion of mandatory training hours. Attendance at Departmental Training sessions (led by TATP Staff) is recorded via sign-in sheet, which is then circulated to the departmental TA contact or administrator.

UTM Workshop Series & Certificate Program

Undergraduate students may complete the Teaching Fundamental (TF) certificate, however they are not eligible to participate in the Advanced University Teaching Preparation (AUTP) certificate.

*Workshops for credit in certificate program carry the designations of ‘core’ and ‘elective.’ Typically core workshops address central aspects of pedagogical training. These workshops can be attended at UTM, UTSC, or St. George. In rare circumstances, workshops not offered by CTSI may be counted for elective credit toward a TATP certificate (e.g. selected workshops in the Nutrition for Educators series at UTSC). Approval from the Assistant Director, CTSI is required.

Getting Started:

Visit the TATP Certificate Program page at http://www.teaching.utoronto.ca/gsta/certificate.htm.

UTM Workshops for TAs

TATP Workshops at UTM are hosted by the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre and run during the Fall and Winter terms. Workshops are normally 3 hours in length and focus on specialized aspects of classroom teaching, teaching preparation, employment training and professional development for TAs. Workshops are open to any student employed as a TA at the University of Toronto. TAs may elect to apply participation in Workshops towards completion of a TATP Certificate.

Please see current workshop listing at http://www.teaching.utoronto.ca/gsta/events.htm.