Help with TA Training

RGASC faculty offer support and specialized training for TAs and their supervising instructors on a course-by-course basis. This support takes on the form of individualized training sessions based on specific department or course needs such as developing assessment tools, grading assignments, classroom management, and team-building. RGASC faculty will lead these sessions in consultation with course instructors. UTM faculty and instructional staff may contact academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca to arrange for in-course TA support at any time during the academic year.

One-on-one Appointments

We welcome the opportunity to work with you one-on-one on course or curriculum development, teaching skills, dossier reviews, or SoTL projects. All appointments are confidential unless you explicitly waive confidentiality. Please contact academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca to set up an appointment. 

Programs for Your Students

  • Dean's Writing Initiative: The Writing Initiative program is sponsored by the Office of the Dean. A call for proposals for the upcoming academic year is released every April, and faculty and departments are encouraged to propose courses that would benefit from support for intensive writing activities.

    In addition to the writing initiative, we work with faculty members in key courses to support the development of fundamental writing skills. We can schedule drop-in office hours where your students can consult with our strategists on writing activities, consult on the structure of assignments or marking guidelines, or even run workshops in one of your tutorials.
  • Numeracy Support: The RGASC is working with faculty in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Biology, and Chemical and Physical Sciences departments to assess the mathematical preparation for entering students and to develop activities and supports to encourage and develop numerical skills within disciplinary contexts. If you're interested in exploring these topics, please contact Michael de Braga.
  • Peer Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs): FSGs focus on the development of critical academic skills in entry-level courses. For more information, please visit the FSG page, or contact Thomas Klubi for more information or to set up an FSG for your course.

Other Resources

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Writing Development Initiatives (WDI) Program

Numeracy Initiative

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