Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

1.         I am really struggling with the problem sets I am being assigned for homework. What can I do?

  • You could go and see your professor or your TA for help during office hours. You could make an appointment at the RGASC. You could join a FSG if there is one available for your course.

  • You should not ask another classmate for help or look at their homework. You should not go to a tutor and get them to solve the problem for you. You should not post your homework problem online and ask for an answer.

2.     English is not my first language and I want to get help in my native language. What can I do?

  • You should probably first consider why you are struggling in English. Is it a vocabulary/grammar issue? Is the class too difficult? Does the professor speak too quickly? You could always go to the RGASC for advice on how to get better in English, but as an alternative you could hire a tutor (in your native language) to help you review the textbook material or the readings. The tutor can help you understand the material, but they cannot use your professor’s notes, slides, handouts, or other materials in the process of teaching (this violates intellectual property rights). Before you decide to pay money for services, remember that the university encourages you to use its resources - talk to your professor.

  • You should not pay or attend tutoring sessions where the tutor is using your professor’s notes, slides, handouts, or other course materials (other than the textbook).

Click here to visit the academic integrity website for warnings regarding the risks of illegitimate tutoring services.