Conference Programs

2017 Anthropology Conference Program

The 2nd Annual Anthropology Conference took place at UTM in Council Chamber on March 24, 2017. Thanks to all the presenters and participants who joined in this great day of learning and sharing! View the UTMAS 2017 conference photo album on Facebook!

microphone and Anthropology Conference text

Panel 1

  • Nicole Raquinio: On Limits and Advisories: The Significance of the Numbers on the Governance of Bodies and Populations in the Context of Water Crisis
  • Chang Cao: Late Woodland Ceramic Production in Southern Ontario

Keynote Speaker

  • Jubal Jamieson, First Nations Archaeology Monitor

Poster Session

  • Carrie Merrigan-Johnson: Inter-sex Comparative Study on Prehensile Tail Use in Mantled Howlers (Alouatta palliate) in Costa Rica

Panel 2

  • Diane Pacheco: If These Walls Could Speak: Exploring Variation and Consistency of Form in Middle Ontario Iroquoian Pottery
  • Dr. David Smith: Antrex: a 700-year old Iroquoian Village

Panel 3

  • Rebecca Scott: Iroquoian Pipe and Rim Sherds from the 13th Century Wellington Site
  • Ellie Shoji: Evaluation of Photogrammetry Models of the Human Adult Crania for Forensic Three-Dimensional Facial Approximation


2016 Anthropology Conference Program

The Defining Anthropology Conference took place at UTM in Spigel Hall on March 12, 2016. View the UTMAS 2016 conference photo album on Facebook!

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roger Ivar Lohmann, Associate Professor, Trent University: From Four Fields to One Discipline; Defining Anthropology into Existence

Panel 1

  • Victoria Berezowski: Suicide Demographics and Patterns in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Bonnie To: DNA Extraction from Bone
  • Kalyan Chakraborty: A Virtual Documentation Through 3D Modeling; is it Worth the Effort?

Panel 2

  • Candis Haak: Centralizing the Generative Forces of Frontier Spaces: the Medieval Indian Sacred Geography at Vijayanagara
  • Dr. Gary Crawford, Professor: Earliest Agriculture of the Lower Yellow River Basin in China

Panel 3

  • Tracey Wilson: Dorset Occupation on Melville Peninsula and the Modern Inuit Community
  • Dr. Heather M.-L. Miller, Associate Professor: Invented, Adopted, Shared, Acquired, Inspired? Technological Change and the Talc-Faience Complexes of the Indus Valley Tradition
  • Dr. David Smith, Associate Professor: Middle Iroquoian Pottery

Panel 4

  • Dr. Tracey Galloway, Assistant Professor: How Effective is Nutrition North Canada as a Northern Food Subsidy Program?
  • Dr. Jessica Taylor: You Don't Always Get to Choose Your Own Name; Pennames, Creative Work, and Romance Writers

Poster Sessions

  • Isidora Ibrahimpasic: Kushan Buddhist Art: Discussion of Hellenistic Imagery and its Portrayal of the Changing Gandharan Urban Culture
  • Hana Salahuddin: An Overview on the Origin of Caste in Association to the Aryans
  • Marissa Burliuk: Who is the UTM Anthropology Society?